Saturday, December 31, 2016

Twenty Sixteen

This year has been great to me. I have finally graduated! It took a little longer. However I must say that every moment in these years have not been bad.

My Graduation was on the 17th October. I don't know what to expect initially. I was pretty surprised that everyone take one of the highlight day in life so seriously when I was quite chill about it. Nonetheless when I was in DTC, our very famous university hall. It all begins here and it has to end here too. I was really nervous when I was about to get on the stage to receive my scroll. It was actually more nail biting than all my competition.

Another highlight of the year is winning Asian Champion for netball, male category. Participants comprised of Singapore, Hong Kong, Brunei, India, Pakistan and of course Malaysia! As the host, it wouldn't be nice to not qualify for the final. Every country has to play against every team. Top two teams would play in the final. Third and fourth would play for bronze. As for the team that are placed fifth and sixth would play for fifth place.

We drew in our first game. India was good. Their advantage is their size. Once their Goal Shooter get the ball, it is as good as getting the point. Their Goal Keeper is trained to block shot. I had to keep my cool in order to score every shot.

When we were playing against Brunei, Singapore and Hong Kong, we played well and managed to win those games. Same for team India and Pakistan, they won all those games too. When Pakistan and India met, they both played well. However Pakistan got lucky in the end and won the game by just a mere one point. Hence it has to go down to the game when Malaysia play Pakistan in the final round of the qualifying stage.

When we were playing against Pakistan, we were nervous. We know very well that we cannot afford to lose this game. We certainly don't want to miss out the championship game. We won this game. However I wasn't too pleased. I am sure that they lost the game on purpose. They chose Malaysia to be their opponent in the championship round.

I don't feel right after the game. Coach is fully aware of the situation. She told me not to be bothered as we have to prepare to face them in the final. I know the only way I will feel right is to defeat Pakistan in the final.

We were down by five in the first quarter. I told myself to ignore the score. When the ball gets to my hand, I just have to make sure I score. After the second quarter, we managed to catch up and level on points. The game was closed throughout the second half and the game was brought into extra time. Fortunately Malaysia managed to score a goal more to win the championship.

My twenty sixteen ended well. I met her. She gave me an opportunity. We got into a relationship 😊

Thursday, December 31, 2015


Five years ago, I stepped foot into University Malaya. Definitely did not see that coming when I received my second STPM result which allow me to study a degree program in a public university. It is more surprising when I got myself into Malaysia top public university. What make things better is University Malaya is just fifteen minutes drive away from home. I am blessed with great luck.

I was so determined to do well in the university. In addition, my mind is set to represent the University for basketball. I easily got selected to be a varsity player. However I did badly academically in my first semester. I withdrew myself from my first MASUM competition.

When I got back on track academically, I started to have conflict with the basketball coach. Knowing that when your coach does not agree with you on certain matter, you know that you will not be featuring much in games. Decision has been made. I opted out.

I started playing netball. Netball is well known for being a sports which is played by women. The surprising thing is there is this male category in the University. I first played netball when I was in my first year. I remember my first competition is an embarrassment. I could not put in the ball into the net even though I am just underneath it. My team was third that year.

The next one was even worse. I never like losing.

My very first unexpected experience was going on an exchange program. Korea was the destination. That experience easily became my best hundred thirteen days in my life.

After coming back, I started playing semi professional netball. It is something that started off unexpectedly when my all time favourite sports is basketball. However playing for an amateur netball club in Malaysia is quite an experience. Due to my first embarrassing experience in my first Sukmum netball game, my style of play is like basketball. I do lay ups more often rather than the conventional way. I realised netball can be as exciting as basketball.

In 2014, I was given the opportunity to represent the club in Australia annual prestigious netball competition.

We were competing in Brisbane that year. We played against teams across Australia. We were competing in the reserved category although we are considered as one of the top club in Malaysia. I like it there. From the weather to the people around, I am very much enjoying myself when I was in Brisbane. Netball is very well developed in Australia. They are all really good netball players. We only managed a win out of the ten games we played. We drew when playing against a strong Queensland team. In addition, another unexpected accomplishment was achieved. I was awarded as the fourth place MVP for the reserved category. It is definitely an unexpected award. I certainly never see that coming when competing with other good players.

I bumped into a netball player who is as tall as me!

She looks good too!

The following year, I was fortunate to represent the club again in Australia. This time around it is in Sydney. One of the major city in Australia. I enjoyed myself in Sydney but I must say I love the experience in Brisbane more. I made more friends this time around.

the meanest defense I ever played against 

With the joyful bunch 

 New South Wales Defenders

Australian Defense Force Defenders

She is cute!

Sydney was not as fun due to the fact that I have to spend my time at the bench more often. I never like losing but staying at the bench is much worse than losing games. This experience taught me a lesson and I am not letting that to happen again.

It took me six months to become a better player and I proved it when I finally managed to win Gold in Sukmum Netball this time around. The elusive Sukmum gold medal is finally ours and it is more memorable winning Gold as a team. I have never won a gold in the annual Sukmum meet till 2015. It is sweeter when my tenth Sukmum medal is a Gold.

I am glad for the achievement and I am thankful for the people I met along this unexpected netball journey.

Varsity Netball Players

They are the few people I met along my netball journey. Pek Xian who is the girl at the left. She is a state player. She represents KL team.

I was happy to meet her at the first place. I have never expected that I got to know her. She is a humble person and she always strive for success. She is a very nice person too. I enjoyed spending time with her :)

Looking forward to more unexpected in 2016!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


This year is simple!

I just want to graduate as soon as possible.

Nonetheless improve in more aspects in life!

Time to change.

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Friends Again

Time flies and my first post of the year is on the final day of 2013. It has been a great year although there are some downs in it. Nonetheless I am thankful with what had happened and I have learnt a lot throughout the year. Highlight of the year would definitely be Lee Hom's concert in Genting and this time around I made sure I get to shake his hand. It is definitely a dream come true and the icing on the cake would be attending the concert with Sarah =)

Couldn't ask anything more than that. Later in April we actually had some conflict. It took me about six months to let things cool down. I must say time is the best cure to any conflicts.

Thankfully this semester things go to place by itself. Monkey run was the start to a good semester. Met her at the sports centre. Attended the sports award night with Sarah and threw an early birthday celebration for her. Great that we are friends again =)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

My First Flight

Exactly one month ago on the twenty ninth of February which only happen once every four years is a memorable day for me.

I finally get to board an aeroplane. I am heading to Korea for an exchange programme.

It would be greater if I were assigned to a seat which is next to the window!

Checking in

So close to the aeroplane =)

Boarding the plane

me and the plane =)

at my seat

It took about six hours to arrive in Korea! Korea is very cold!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Flashback for Twenty Eleven

I must say twenty eleven was a great year and I believed I have enjoyed myself throughout the year.

On the twenty first of May, my family and I had one of the best buffet dinner at KL Tower. At the Revolving Restaurant. It was pretty much a cool experience when it comes for free!

From the month of June till the month of August, I had one of the best working experience ever! I was working in the airport and I have met a lot of nice people.

Went to Ipoh for a day trip with Moon and friends.

Third semester began in the month of September and at the same time I got promoted. I became a Supervisor. No more promoter job for me.

Being a Supervisor is definitely not as fun as being a promoter!

Learnt a lot as a Supervisor! Got to know more people!

Fall for someone that is brilliant and influential.

Next to nothing seventeenth of December became the best day of my life.

Had a great time with her!

We ate Taiwan Sausage and Snowflake.

For the first time I felt that Taiwan Sausage is sweet instead of spicy hot!

Tried Snowflake best seller for the first time.

We talk like as if we knew each other for a very long time when we only got to know each other better on the day itself.

Won my third Sukmum medal on the eighteenth of December. Silver in the power walk event. Lost to the Champion by the most ridiculous time!

Sukmum Gold Medal remain elusive for me!

Meet new people in the Track and Field event!

Twenty Eleven definitely was a great year for me!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Twenty Two

Time seriously flies!

Had a great day with my family at home =)

Had fun replying to all birthday wishes in Facebook.

Appreciate every effort shown by my family ^.^

I definitely had a great birthday celebration!