Wednesday, January 1, 2014


This year is simple!

I just want to graduate as soon as possible.

Nonetheless improve in more aspects in life!

Time to change.

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Friends Again

Time flies and my first post of the year is on the final day of 2013. It has been a great year although there are some downs in it. Nonetheless I am thankful with what had happened and I have learnt a lot throughout the year. Highlight of the year would definitely be Lee Hom's concert in Genting and this time around I made sure I get to shake his hand. It is definitely a dream come true and the icing on the cake would be attending the concert with Sarah =)

Couldn't ask anything more than that. Later in April we actually had some conflict. It took me about six months to let things cool down. I must say time is the best cure to any conflicts.

Thankfully this semester things go to place by itself. Monkey run was the start to a good semester. Met her at the sports centre. Attended the sports award night with Sarah and threw an early birthday celebration for her. Great that we are friends again =)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

My First Flight

Exactly one month ago on the twenty ninth of February which only happen once every four years is a memorable day for me.

I finally get to board an aeroplane. I am heading to Korea for an exchange programme.

It would be greater if I were assigned to a seat which is next to the window!

Checking in

So close to the aeroplane =)

Boarding the plane

me and the plane =)

at my seat

It took about six hours to arrive in Korea! Korea is very cold!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Flashback for Twenty Eleven

I must say twenty eleven was a great year and I believed I have enjoyed myself throughout the year.

On the twenty first of May, my family and I had one of the best buffet dinner at KL Tower. At the Revolving Restaurant. It was pretty much a cool experience when it comes for free!

From the month of June till the month of August, I had one of the best working experience ever! I was working in the airport and I have met a lot of nice people.

Went to Ipoh for a day trip with Moon and friends.

Third semester began in the month of September and at the same time I got promoted. I became a Supervisor. No more promoter job for me.

Being a Supervisor is definitely not as fun as being a promoter!

Learnt a lot as a Supervisor! Got to know more people!

Fall for someone that is brilliant and influential.

Next to nothing seventeenth of December became the best day of my life.

Had a great time with her!

We ate Taiwan Sausage and Snowflake.

For the first time I felt that Taiwan Sausage is sweet instead of spicy hot!

Tried Snowflake best seller for the first time.

We talk like as if we knew each other for a very long time when we only got to know each other better on the day itself.

Won my third Sukmum medal on the eighteenth of December. Silver in the power walk event. Lost to the Champion by the most ridiculous time!

Sukmum Gold Medal remain elusive for me!

Meet new people in the Track and Field event!

Twenty Eleven definitely was a great year for me!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Twenty Two

Time seriously flies!

Had a great day with my family at home =)

Had fun replying to all birthday wishes in Facebook.

Appreciate every effort shown by my family ^.^

I definitely had a great birthday celebration!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Astro Star Quest 2011 Finals

I have been watching this programme for ten years.Back then it was called the Astro Talent Quest.For the first time top three were all females.In addition to that, I got all five position right although I didn't come up with a prediction post for this time like what I did back then.

Geraldine as expected was crowned Champion!

First runner up goes to Jie Ying.

Second runner up goes to Miko.

At first I thought Miko would get second because when they were going back to their respective home town to perform, Miko was second to go back to her home town to perform.Nonetheless she was pretty good apart from the final performance for the night.

Jie Ying started poorly that night but as the competition went on she got better!She just couldn't let her fans down.The final song she sang was the best for the night.She sang Eason's Chan " Fou Kua " and according to one of the judges this song is a very good song for competition and the way Jie Ying perform it was just the way it supposed to be perform in a competition.That might very well be the reason why Miko got third.

Geraldine deserved to get the Champion because she was consistent throughout the night.I like the part when she sang Siti Nurhaliza's Bukan Cinta Biasa and Ding Dang's " Wo Ai Ta ".

However I think she lost quite a number of fans when she thanked her boyfriend when she was crowned champion.

That night there were five very talented kids were invited to perform on stage.Their performances are awesome!

After the first performance by two of the male kids, the host actually pointed to their fans.She was trying to indicate where was the exact position of their fans that were mostly at their age but she used her middle finger while she was indicating.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bieber's Concert in Malaysia

It was a last minute decision to attend Bieber's concert.

I was amazed by his voice after watching Justin Bieber's movie.

He was amazing when he was performing in the well known Madison Square Garden.

Next to nothing I was in Stadium Merdeka to witness this young and talented singer.

That day's weather wasn't that great as it was raining earlier.

I actually have to fight through all the muddy area to get to my seats.

What make things worse was the RM198 zone is a free seating zone.It is a first come first serve thing.I arrived at the Stadium at about seven and my seats are slightly better than the RM98 zone due to those inconsiderate audiences that reserved the seats for their friends.Aren't this a first come first serve thing and not a first come first reserve then leave for other business thing!

The concert did not start on time.The concert started at about nine with a countdown.

The concert lasted about an hour and a little more.

Justin wasn't at his best while he was performing on stage.

The concert is not as good as it look like in the movie.

However he is great when everyone is standing on the chairs throughout the concert.

Some of the audience actually stacked a few chairs and stood on it.

Bottom line noone was sitting.Everyone was standing on the chairs and sang along with Bieber.